Encryption and SyncBackSE

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Encryption and SyncBackSE

Postby TomK » Fri Jul 16, 2010 11:12 pm


I tried your great product, for the task of syncing a usb drive with 2 different machines, and also being able to view and modify data on the way via encrypted data on the usb stick.
Especially the combination of recognizing usb-drives by different properties, auto syncing after usb plugin and encryption seamed to be the ideal solution for this purpose.

But after I almost bought 2 licenses I faced two problems I couldn't solve easily. First the self extracting .exe ist only able to decrypt the data but couldn't be used to reencrypt modified files. So the only possibility to change and successfully sync the encrypted files, is to use it in combination with a portable winzip.
If new files will are added the name has to be exactly the same es the file with an additional .zip extension, or they will not be synced.

If the encryption feature is interesting for more people then me then may be you should consider to extend the behavior in a more user friendly way. Maybe using a single encrypted zip file and/or extend the decryption tool to full de/encryption feature where you can store the data in a defined relative directory and automatic reencrypt and delete the temporary file in this directory after exiting the program.

I know truecrypt as suggested in the forum for such a purpose but there is still the problem that to use this software you need admin rights or truecrypt installed by an admin, which isn't always possible and reduces the usage in the most bigger companies I know to almost zero. Since neither of these prerequisites are fulfilled.

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